What We Can Do For Your Business

The starting point on our approach is to understand your needs. By coupling this with a focus on providing a continuous, value-added service, our goal is to deliver a more fulfilling CPA experience. 


At affinityCPA, we provide cost-sensitive year-end and turnover CPA services to the CIRA industry. And that’s just the start, as we believe that financial reporting and tax preparation services are only the beginning of the value-add that a CPA can offer. We pride ourselves on being able to assist the CIRA community year-round and welcome your questions with open arms. We are also a provider of a state-approved accounting course for LCAMs. This two-hour course is available to anyone and will give LCAMs two CEUs toward their license. 

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Employee Benefit Plans

affinityCPA’s goals are in line with yours: we want to help ensure that you are administering your plan not only how your plan document says you should but also how the DOL and IRS say you should. And as such, we tailor our audit approach to effectively accomplish this goal. With our team’s frequent attendance at the annual AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Conference, we are at the pulse of what regulators are looking for, what deficiencies other CPAs are making, and what challenges you are facing as administrators. 

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We understand that your main purpose is to dedicate as much as you can to further your mission. Whether assisting you in your month-end close, assisting with your up-coming budget, or performing your year-end audit, at affinityCPA, we are dedicated to being your partner. Not only will we be your year-round accounting resource, but also, with our cost-sensitive services, we want you to feel comfort that your accounting is in good hands and at a fair price so you can channel the maximum amount of energy and resources toward your mission.

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